After a little over two years I am posting again. This time about something different. But first: where have I been all this time?

July of 2019 my old buddy Julie Smith stopped by. A couple of times. She was starting a new project, and wanted a little advice on computer related stuff, just once in a while. I met with her to learn more, and got completely sucked in. I have spent the past two years working on Performance Ally, LLC. Full-time. Often more than full-time. Until recently when I cut back a bit.

Why come back now? Somewhere around the start of the pandemic I got very ill. No idea what it was. Extreme brain fog. Extreme fatigue. None of the set of symptoms that were originally thought to indicate Covid-19. Not that it would have mattered. I had a neighbor with all of the classic symptoms and he could not get tested; ya’d think an active duty Army officer could get a test, but nope. His family got either flu or sniffles; differed by family member. My wife, Kay, got sniffles. I became a zombie. Took 2-3 months, but I recovered. Kind of. Fast forward to end of 2020, and it recurred. Not as bad; I did work, but took myself out of “critical path”. Nothing has been the same since. I finally bit the bullet and cut my work hours WAY back at the urging of Julie. So here I am, in a “reduced stress” mode in which I work a nominal 3-day work week. I actually work much more than that, but am not really accountable for any but the three days.

As a result, my health has improved immensely. Yet if I try to work a full-stress schedule, I quickly get sick again. So. I am taking it easy, working three days/week directly on The Project, and probably a couple of additional days across my “time off” days. Now I spend more time working on relaxing, entertaining, side projects.

I have two “tangential” projects:

  1. On this site: Computational Verbal Behavior.
  2. A presentation for the Slack channel, Behavior Analysts Who Code (BAWC). Tentatively scheduled for Saturday, 25 September, 2021 @ 12:00. Here is a VERY incomplete draft outline of the presentation: App: Behavioral Statement Classifier (subtitle: A Quick Overview of Professional-Style Software Development in Python).